28 September 2008


So here is a graph showing my pace of each of my runs this year. Back in April I started the walk/run program C25K, and my pace was around 15 minutes per mile with walk/runs.

I slacked off and stopped running for a couple of months. When I started back up I decided to skip any formal "program" and just run. I felt that having such a regimented program was actually holding me back. I was smart about it though and knew not to do too much too soon. I do not shy away from walk breaks, but I do not schedule them into my runs. If I feel I need to walk than I walk.

As you can see, my pace is around 11-12 minutes per mile. A much better pace than when I first started. On top of that I can run for longer periods without walking than I thought I could before.

I am still a beginner, so I am not so much concerned with improving my pace yet... but looking at this graph makes me wonder...

If I ran through the entire summer... how much faster and farther would I be able to run right now?

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Pokey said...

That's some great improvement!!! You should be very proud.

And I loved the running lessons from your last post. I agree with them 100%!!!!!!