08 August 2009

Early Morning Dedication

The first week of marathon training is coming to a close and I am pleased with what I have done so far.

The two mid week runs were both done in the morning due to my work schedule. In order to get the runs done with enough time to shower and get ready for work I needed to wake at 5 am to run. Both runs felt great and gave a great start to the day.

When I woke Thursday morning and stepped outside I noticed it was raining. Not hard, but my first thought was go back to sleep and run after work. I stood on the porch and watched the rain for a few minutes trying to talk myself into running and at the same time trying to talk myself into going back to sleep.

I finally convinced myself to run. The rain was refreshing, and while I was running in the rain I thought about the upcoming training. Will I be able to stick to the plan and run my best?

If this first week is any indicator, than I think I will be doing fine. Lets see how my long steady distance goes tomorrow.


lindsay said...

don't doubt yourself! there's nothing wrong with tweaking the schedule a little here or there - just make sure you get your miles in!

hope the long run went well - it's key in this crazy marathon chasing we do!

Funnyrunner said...

good for you for going for your first marathon! Absolutely - you'll come to LOVE running in the rain. It's constantly refreshing. I've run the Philly marathon twice - I think you'll like it, especially if you're local and you recognize where you are all the time.

My advice - don't pick a time goal for your first marathon. Soak it all up and enjoy it. You'll love it.

I've done the Broad Street Run and the Philly Distance Run, too, btw - both nice runs. doing PDR this year...

joyRuN said...

Glad you're staying injury-free! Keep listening to your body :)