02 November 2008


This last week I have run a measly 3 miles.

I have tried to fit runs in before or after work and it just did not happen. It gets too dark on my street, and while I actually look forward to running in the dark, I have no safety gear to do it with. I have looked in a few different stores for lights that I can clip to my shirt or shorts, but nothing. I would wear a reflective "sash" or strap on my wrist, but can not find anything except a full vest that is not very fashionable. Looks like I am going to have to order some stuff online.

I ran Saturday and Sunday morning after a full week without running. I really need to get runs in during the week because those runs killed me. Tomorrow is a rest day, and I will definitely have time to run Tuesday and Thursday morning so this weekends runs should be better.

The frustration is really setting in because my progress is so slow. I know it can not be rushed, and I already see a lot of improvement, but I wish I could do a full three miles without stopping for a walk break.

Right now I am just trying to build my mileage over the winter and will work on speed in the spring, but building the mileage seems just as hard as improving the speed.

I am not letting this frustration slow me down though... I am going to continue to run hard and do my best to improve.


Pat said...

I run at nite. We have street lights, so it's not too bad.

It's more important that you can see the cars. If you're on the side of the road running toward traffic, you can always get on the sidewalk (if you have them), but usually the cars stay away from the curb.

good luck this week.

Modern Marvel said...

The great thing about today is that there's going to be a tomorrow (we hope, if we're blessed) and you can start fresh.

Get out there and run.

No joke, I used to get out there and run with a flashlight. I hated carrying something but I sure felt good knowing I could be seen! Be careful and get out there!