11 November 2008

Today... I Felt Like A Runner

This morning was cold. The coldest it has been all season. It was about 34 degrees.

I woke this morning and slowly moved around and got ready. I knew it would be cold, but was surprised to see that my phone reported 34 degrees.

I still wore shorts, with compression shorts underneath. I wore a long sleeve compression shirt with a long sleeve shirt over top of that. I also wore gloves and headband to keep my ears warm. Some may think this was overkill, and I did end up taking the headband off toward the end, but man it was cold.

So my point is, even though it was cold, I got out and ran. I ran hard. I ran like it was my last run. I ran like it meant something. A jogger would not have run in the cold. A gym rat would not have run in the cold, a couch potato would sure as hell not ran in this cold.

Today... I felt like a runner.


Kai said...

I really believe that dedication like this is what separates joggers from runners. Hell yeah, you're a RUNNER!

Anonymous said...

I run in shorts all winter long--it isn't until the wind chill is in the single digits that I'll put on long pants. However, I wear gloves if the temp is 40 or under---I never want my hands to be cold.

Just a tip--be comfortably cool when you begin your run, that way you won't overheat as your body warms up.