09 March 2009

Down For The Count

This has been the nicest weekend of the year, and it just so happens it is the weekend that I get the flu. Well the weekend that the whole family gets the flu.

It came on Thursday and lasted all weekend. I still have a touch of it today, but I am hoping that I can get a little bit of a run in tomorrow.

It sucks, because I was looking forward to the weekend weather, thinking that I would be able to do a lot outside. Now I feel like four days have just been deleted.

So that puts a dent in my training plan. I am hoping just to get up to the proper mileage now and finish with a respectable time. We are going to have to see how it goes from here on out. It may be easier for me to get runs in now that the clocks were turned ahead an hour.

Thursday I drive to Tennessee for my brother in law's wedding. The first thing I did was look up any races that weekend and lucky me... there is a 5k and half marathon Saturday morning. I am obviously not up for a half, but I am seriously considering the 5k. It is the Tom King Classic, runs in downtown Nashville, finishing in the stadium that the Titans play in. It looks like fun, and has a breakfast buffet after!

So I have a lot of blogs to catch up on... a lot of writing to do.. and a lot of family to take care of.


Brian said...

Hope you kick that flu soon man, I had it last week and it sucked! Sign up for that 5k!

Some guy named John said...

Get well soon!

lindsay said...

hope you are feeling better! i'm sure you aren't too set back from missing a few days, just ease back into it so you don't let the germs linger! get in that 5k!!