18 April 2009


Well, today was my first DNS, but for good reason.

A few posts ago I talked about a 5k that I signed up for with the intent of a new PR and possibly going sub 30 minutes for the first time. A few days after that I realized something was significant about the date.

My son's first t-ball game.

So it was obvious which I would go to.

It was fun watching the kids play t-ball. They all had these great bog looks of excitement on their faces and were having such a great time.

And I saw a runner in my son this week. At his t-ball practice the kids got in line and ran around the bases. My son, being the shy one, ended up being the last one in line. He loves to run and I could see it in him. He wanted to sprint ahead of everyone. He had to hold himself back not to pass the others and he had a look of determination on his face.

I can see in him, that primal desire to run. There is an animal in him that just wants to run free.

I need to feed that animal.


SuperDave said...

Good call!
The fam is much more important.
My 2 youngest have already started running with me. How proud I am.

Some guy named John said...

You're a good dad! Well done!

lindsay said...

a no-brainer decision. you will have many other 5k's to run, but only 1 first game. you know you'll break 30 soon! :)

Kim said...

T-ball...5K...Good choice! You can run a 5K anyday. $30 saved entry fee...Missing your son's first t-ball game...priceless.

Brian said...

Well played, dad!