06 June 2009

A Funny Thing On My Ride Today

So I went out for a bike ride today.

I was riding through a neighborhood that is not a bad neighborhood, but isn't exactly high class either. I passed by three kids that could not have been more than ten years old. They were trying to look tough by the way the strutted down the sidewalk.

As I went by them, the kid wearing a wife beater yelled out, "I'll jack your bike fool."

I was riding too fast to respond, and did not even care, but once what he said registered I could not help but laugh.

Anyway, the ride was spectacular. I just finished watching Paul Blart: Mallcop... the most disappointing film I have ever seen. It sucked so bad I could not return it to Netflix fast enough. I decided to take it back to the post office right away.

I rode a little over five and a half miles to the post office, passing two other post offices and a number of mailboxes along the way. Once there I dropped off my movie and took another route home. I finished up with a little over 14 miles, and my legs feel great.

I am running a 5k tomorrow morning and plan on setting a new PR. I do not want to sound cocky or anything, but I feel good about this run and think I should be smashing it if all goes well!


Running through Life said...

LMAO! That is SO funny! I would have laughed at the kid too. But then, you never know if 10 year olds are armed these days.

Thanks for the heads-up on the movie... guess I won't be paying money for that one!

I hope your 5K went great and you got your PR!

lindsay said...

haha. i hate when people/kids have to act all tough. i'm with running thru life - you never know if they are really packing! it's crazy.

funny about the movie and getting it back asap! i haven't seen many previews but it did look a little dumb. thanks for the warning :)

Denise said...

Do you think we acted that "tough" when we were younger?? I really hope not!