18 February 2009

Damn I am Weak

So this week I started doing core exercises. I have always known that I am not as strong as I should be. I decided it is time to get stronger so that I can be a better runner and not be so worn out all the time.

I discovered that I am far weaker than I thought. I was doing some planks, side planks, superman, and leg lifts...

I could barely hold these positions for 15 seconds. Holy Cow! I was shaking and struggling just to do these moves. No wonder I feel so weak... because I am!

At least now I know where I am at. I will continue with these exercises and watch myself as I get stronger. Hopefully this will help me improve not only my running, but also my day to day posture.


lindsay said...

planks are so hard! it will be cool to look back one day and see where you started out. core work is definitely important for running. i've picked it up on the consistency and can notice a difference when i run, especially on longer runs when my form doesn't die on me. i need to work on my daily posture too but still struggling in that department.

set weekly goals for yourself to get the ab work in!

Sonia said...

hahaha plank is hard! I can hold for 2 mins right now but it was slow building up! Side plank I still can't hold much long!

I incorporated strenght training back in since I got injured and am starting to really see a difference. Keep it up!

Progman2000 said...

You might want to check out that 200 sit-ups program. Start gradually and follow the plan. I have always struggled with my core and I have noticed a huge difference.

Brian said...

you will be amazed when you do a few more weeks of planks how easy they get! Such a good exercise! keep it up!

SuperDave said...

I started doing upper body/ core workouts twice a week and it has helped tremendously for the past 3 onths. In the beginning, I was very weak!
Keep it up!