14 February 2009

The Wait Is Killing Me

I started my training for the Broad Street Run this week, and although I have gotten off to a slow start I must say that the suspense is killing me.

Not the suspense of race day quickly creeping up on me... but the suspense of signing up for it.

The website says that registration begins in mid-February. They have updated the site for this year, but registration is not open yet. I keep checking almost every day because I am so anxious to sign up.

Hurry up people! It is mid February already!


Sonia said...

Is the race filling up fast?? I would be anxious too!!

Kim said...

Patience Grasshopper.

I would be doing the same thing though...keep checking back...3 times a day! It's certainly mid February now. Can you give the RD a shout?

lindsay said...

i am doing the same thing for the nyc marathon! just open it up already!!

hang in there, i think we will both survive :)

Pat said...

that reminds me to check on NYC.

Progman2000 said...

That is funny people are talking about NYC - the day the lottery is drawn people go ape $@*% until the results are posted.

Enjoy your training for Broad Street.

Brian said...

Cant believe its mid feb already, the website is probably as confused as we are about thatm, haha. Hope you kicked off training on the right foot (pun not intended)!