01 February 2009

Long Run, Negative Splits

Today I ran my long run a little harder than I was supposed to. Despite that it felt really good even though it started pretty bad.

I woke early and could not get out the door. The one day I finally have motivation and I am ready to go, and the bowels start talking to me. After a couple trips to the bathroom I finally got outside.

My legs felt pretty tight, and I was still a little worried about my stomach. I took my time warming up and did not go very far from my house at first. I decided to take it extremely slow, and after a little bit I was feeling better.

Before the end of the first mile I was feeling great and had picked up my pace. I knew that I would be doing five miles today. I decided, on the fly, to try to get it in under an hour. Last time it took me 1:05:41.

Something clicked in me. I was feeling great and just floating down the road. My mind was racing with everything except the run. I was thinking about my writing, my job, my future. I was daydreaming about the marathon and my mind was just wandering all over the place. The last mile I had a good song playing and really picked it up.

When I got home and looked at the data in my Forerunner, I was surprised by the splits. 12:18, 12:16, 11:50, 11:22, 10:41. A total time of 58:29.

My legs feel great, my mind is clear and I am feeling awesome right now. This is the first time I had a run where every spilt was negative!

Now if I can carry this run into the rest of the day, and through the beginning of the week...


Kim said...

Wow...the way you took off time, mile after mile...great job!

lindsay said...

nice progression run! you knocked some serious time off each mile and the run as a whole compared to last time.

i've learned to let business delay my run 'cause i sure don't want to have an emergency during the run! at least it was the weekend so you had some extra time to work with.

Jason said...

Sounds like you really got into the groove during todays run. There is nothing better than that. I only wish it could happen on every run. Well, I guess that is part of the reason I keep coming back.

Sonia said...

Woohoo! Awesome job, I guess you emptied yourself up before the run ;-) LOL

That last mile was smoking fast! Good job =)

Denise said...

Good job on the run!

And I see you're running Broad Street...me, too. I love this race! I was thinking of doing NJ marathon, but I can't miss this 10 miler!

Trishie said...

great run! doncha love checking the Garmin after a run and seeing those kind of splits? nicely done !