21 February 2009

Something Inside Me

There is something in me that wants more. I do not tell anyone about this... I have just been discovering it myself over the last few months. I want more. I want to push my limits of human endurance and go as far as I can.

People would think that I am crazy. I have never ran more than 7 miles at a time... yet. I have only done two 5k's and nothing more... not yet. My first marathon will be in November, if the Lord is willing, but I already want more than that.

I want to cycle further, run further, swim further. I want to push the limits every day.

Many people look at a marathoner, ultra marathoner, or triathlete and they are amazed, or confused, or inspired. I see these athletes testing the entire idea of human endurance and I want it too. I want that and more.

Am I crazy? Will I ever be able to do it? How bad do I want it?

I want it... I want it more than an expensive new car or loads of jewelery. I do not watch the "pretty" people on TV and long to have their celebrity lifestyle. I look at the athletes and I want to share their journey and their pain and their success.

I want it... something inside me wants it more than anything else.


SuperDave said...

I think we all do. The need for speed is what we all strive for. Some people won't admit it, but we all want to continue to beat our last PR.

wmd said...

I do want speed... but what I want even more is to push the limits of my human endurance...

how far can I go? a mile? a hundred miles? an hour? an afternoon? an entire weekend?

Melissa said...

Sounds like an IRONMAN is in your future. Just found your blog through a link of a link of a link, so not sure how, but I'll be back.

Some guy named John said...

There's nothing wrong with that.

Count me in the "confused" category when it comes to thinking about the push-the-endurance-limits type of runner. But still: I'll be plodding along at easy pace sometimes and wonder for a second how far I could run at this pace, or even how much further I could run if I slowed it down a notch. For some reason, the thought has just never taken hold enough for me to actually want to find out. I'm much more interested in pushing the speed limit at distances I've already raced - chasing PRs as SuperDave says.

I guess that's really the appeal of pushing the endurance limit versus pushing the speed limit, though. It's very easy to find out how fast you can run a given distance; you just go do it! And then you try to think of ways to push that distance a little faster. The endurance limit, though, is a little harder to pin down - even for those eccentric ultrarunners who take the time to actually test it.

Brian said...

Totally makes sense man. I love pushing the limits to see how far I can go and have come, its a big journey! Keep those good thoughts!