14 December 2008

Future Runner

I have two sons. The youngest will be two next month and the oldest is five years old. They frustrate the hell out of me sometimes, but they are everything to me, and truly a blessing from God.

When I finally got my Forerunner 305 a couple of weeks ago, there was only one person as excited as me. My five year old son. The reason he was so excited was because I told him that when I got my Garmin, he could have my other running watch. It is really nothing more than a timer and a very poor heart rate monitor that uses the pulse from your fingertip.

As soon as I opened my Forerunner, he ran over to the desk to get his new watch.

The next logical step was to get him shoes. We went to Foot Locker and tried on a few pair. We settled on a nice looking pair of Nike Shox. My son likes them because they have the "shocks" in the back and he thinks they can make him run faster and stop him from falling.

After the shoes I promised to take him for a run. We finally got our first run in this afternoon.

There is a field down the street from us, so I figured we would run down there and run around the field a bit. Of course this was before my long run this morning. (See previous post). My legs were killing me, but I took him out anyway.

He ran along the sidewalk, and I paced him in the shoulder of the street. I told him to take it slow at first, (more for me than him) and keep upright. He was doing well and he looked so adorable running down the street. I wish I had my video camera with me.

We got to the field and saw a deer. Then we ran around the field a bit. We raced and had fun. He controlled the running and decided when to walk. I am impressed because at moments we were running a 9 minute pace. Now to just keep him interested in running... Maybe he will BQ before I do.

I used my Garmin because we had to have our running watches in order to run. I also thought it would be neat to show him our path of the run and were we had gone. Most of this is walking, but we ran a lot of it...


Progman2000 said...

Gotta get him out there for a kids race, that will really fire him up.

Pat said...

you could create a course just for him and time him once a month to see how he progresses.

Not that this would work for my kids, but they're teenagers anyway.

joyRuN said...

That's awesome! I like signing my kids up for the little mile fun runs - they LOVE the medals.

ECrunnergirl said...

What a great Dad! I love to watch kids run....its running in its purest form. I agree with Joy ...get your son to a 1 mile fun run...he will love his medal!!!

lindsay said...

how cute! i love the random run/walking through the field-area on your map. very much what a kid would do. funny. i hope he grows to love running too!

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

That's so wonderful!! I wish I could get my fiance to want to jog with me, or do something "exercise-like" with me. He likes to bike...maybe I should get one to join him.