18 December 2008

100 Miles

Today I ran my 100th mile. It really is not a lot when you look at the big picture, but I just started running this year, and have only been doing it seriously for about four and a half months now.

It is ironic, however, that such a milestone mile would turn out to be a bad run.

I was overdressed for the weather. I am still getting the feel for what to wear for each temperature and this morning I had too much on my upper body.

Also, I did not warm up or stretch properly. No wonder my legs were feeling tight during the run and my body was not relaxed.

Finally I started too hard. I have not run since Sunday's long run. My leg was hurting and I gave it a few days rest. It felt fine this morning and I started too fast for my own good. I knew it too, but continued with the pace because it felt good. Before long I was slowing and pushing myself through the run.

When I look back over my runs I can see what the good runs have in common with each other and what the bad runs have in common with each other. It is easy to see that a good run requires certain ingredients.

You need a good warm up, a good stretch, and you need to go at the proper pace. That with a few other elements can make or break a run.

Now as long as I remember that I should be fine.


Pat said...

100 Yay!

I remember blogging about 100 too. I thought I would blog about each 100 milestone, but then they started coming around faster. Your's will too.

joyRuN said...

Congrats on the 100!

lindsay said...

congrats on mile #100, and here's to 100s and 100s more! glad you were able to find something positive even though the run wasn't the best.

ECrunnergirl said...

Congratulations on that wonderful milestone!

Running teaches so much....you are learning well!!

I have been running for a long time and I STILL have difficulty dressing for cooler/cold weather. Im just nervous about being cold so I almost always over dress!!