13 December 2008

Ice and Blogs

My left leg has been bothering me just a bit for a couple days. I iced it down real well tonight and it feels good right now. I am going to see how it is later tonight and pray about whether I should run tomorrow or not.

I am planning on a LSD run tomorrow and will be doing my longest distance so far of 4 miles. Tomorrow I am focusing on the distance rather than the time, so I will be keeping a slow steady pace and see how my leg feels.

Another note... I have been exploring a lot of blogs lately and keep finding some great running blogs! If you have time to explore then make sure you check out the incredible runners in my list.

And if you know of any good blogs, or have one that I have not seen yet, make sure that you tell me about it. I love reading the progress and story of others, and I hope they enjoy reading about mine.


SuperDave said...

Good luck on your long run tomorrow. Remember long and slow....

lindsay said...

slow and steady are hour long runs are supposed to be! i hope it is going/went well.

http://m0mmymel.blogspot.com/ aka "2nd chances" is one i follow a lot. i see you already have "joyrun" on your list, she is also great! a couple others are http://abetterkaolee.blogspot.com/ "girl on top" and "just running for fun" at http://justrunningforfun.blogspot.com/