28 December 2008

Done For The Year

For the past few weeks my left leg has been bothering me. It does not hurt while running, nor does it hurt all the time, but after running on the weekends it hurts the most.

I do my long run on Sundays and it has been fine during the run, but hurts later that night and hurts the next couple of days. The pain never fully goes away, but it feels better by Thursday and I run again.

I want it to heal fully, and I definitely do not want it to get any worse. I am starting my first official training program in February, and I really want to go into it as healthy as possible so that I can run the Broad Street Run in May.

So I will take the next week off and hopefully I will feel better. Then it is back to building mileage in January and then training for Broad Street starting in February.

God Willing.


joyRuN said...

The Cooper River Park sounds nice. I hear you about needing the change of scenery once in a a while.

I had pains like that before - not bad during the run, but murder after my muscles had cooled off. Lots & lots & lots of stretching/yoga/rolling has been doing the trick for me. Although I also think I need to get checked out by my chiro.

Progman2000 said...

I grew up in Collingswood, so i am all too familiar with Cooper River (partied there quite a bit as a teen, shhh).

Good luck with the leg pain - pretty common once you start building up the mileage, some rest will be good. Just make sure you are wearing the right shoes.

FLYERS26 said...

Looks like you have joined me on the sidelines.
It's not that much fun here.
There is a 10 miler, at the end of March, the Ocean Drive Marathon & 10 miler. Check it out. I'll be doing that one.

Get well soon!

Modern Marvel said...

Hey! I just came off of about 2 weeks of VERY light running because of my foot. I just started my HM training yesterday and I'm just making sure to take it easy so I don't reinjure.

Keep yourself rested, eat well and try to keep walking or cycling or something--don't lose your fitness.

And btw, I updated my blog with a few pics, thanks for the advice. :)

Sonia said...

Guess I should read the older posts before the new one.

As an injured runner for more than a year now, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Be wise about this injury, slow down, take time for recovery, see profesionnals etc. It sucks to hurt all the time and then not being able to run at all.

Hope it is nothing serious!

SuperDave said...

I agree that you should take time off to heal.