29 December 2008

This Is Killing Me

Monday's are usually rest days, and when I am resting I am thinking about running, but it feels okay since I know running is so close.

Today is only the first day of a long rest in order to make sure that my leg is okay and it is killing me, because running is so far away. I feel bad for saying it, because there are other bloggers who are currently sidelined for a long time, but I miss running already.

I hope to go for a couple of bike rides this week, but even though cycling was originally my first love, it will never replace running.


Liz said...

Its never easy to stop running due to nagging injury, but you're doing the right thing.. keep running now, and you could hurt yourself permanently. cross train and heal, and you'll be good in the "long run." :)

in response to your comment, yes RW will definitely take some getting used to. I think right now its a little too basic.. and hard to navigate. I have a feeling it will improve with time though. And yea its not as if we need another online community- but- running is my life, along with lots of other people I'm sure, so it only makes sense that I'd be part of this one;)

joyRuN said...

That's what you get for being down on the Eggles!!!

Kidding :)

I know getting sidelined sucks big time. I just tell myself that I'd rather rest & recover now than be permanently injured later.

Pat said...

rest is just as important as running. hope the leg gets better.

Pat said...

rest is just as important as running. hope the leg gets better.

Sonia said...

you were thinking about me? ;-)

No worries, I know how you feel, I've been down that road before. But resting is definitely an important part of your training. Especially if you feel little naggin pain.

What's going on with your leg?? Anycase, I hope it is back to normal soon.

SuperDave said...

It seems that my injury occured around the same time that yours did for initial running.
I ignored my pain and it cost me nearly 2 months of healing time.
Hang in there buddy and give it time to heal..

lindsay said...

it's always hard to be 'forced' off the roads and take some time off to heal and recover. hang in there, better to miss a few days than months and months! you'll be charging along soon enough.