28 January 2009

Almost A Run In The Snow

Last night I was excited to see snow in the forecast. I was hoping to wake early and run in the peaceful setting of the moonlight reflecting off the fresh powder.

I woke up and it was raining. There was snow everywhere, as expected, but it was now turning into a slushy mess. It still looked nice outside so I suited up and went out. The conditions were not good for running.

Obviously the sidewalks were not shoveled yet, and the snow plows pushed all the snow from the road onto the shoulders. There was nowhere for me to run.

After trying to convince myself to run anyway, and at the same time convince myself not to run, I finally decided to put the run off until tomorrow and went back inside the house. But it was not all a waste.

I left my heart monitor on and started my Forerunner. I sat in the chair for a half hour and rested. I even drifted into a light sleep for a few minutes.

My resting heart rate hovered around 60 beats per minute, even getting as low as 58. When I first started running I measured my resting heart rate at 70-75 beats per minute. I think that is a pretty good improvement in only six months.

It is those little improvements that keep me motivated to run and try my best to improve even more!


lindsay said...

wow your rhr has dropped significantly! i'm glad you found a passion for running and the healthy benefits that come along with it. glad you didn't try to run in the bad weather and therefore avoided injury. hopefully it's cleared up so you can hit the streets now.

Pat said...

Your heart thanks you. I saw similar results.