09 January 2009

Knot Untied

When I saw that Runners World had an article last month about how to tie shoes, I thought it was pretty funny. I glanced over the article, but did not read the whole thing... yet.

I think that I will go back and read the whole thing now. I went for a run this morning and for the first time ever did not use a double knot in my shoe. I just reversed the way I tied it and used a reef knot, as described in the article and in a video on runnersworld.com.

When I got home I had forgotten all about the shoes, but when I went to untie them I realized, not only were they still tied, but the knot was as tight as when I first tied it!

I always had problems with my laces coming untied... who knew I was tying them wrong?


Sonia said...

double knot and they would untied!? I've always done that and it never happened to me!

Hope the foot is better.

wmd said...

not with a double knot... but whenever I used just the regular knot they would come untied all the time!

Frayed Laces said...

I have always been a double-knotter.

lindsay said...

double-knotter here too. i started to read that article but sheesh those drawings/diagrams were confusing! maybe one day i can master a new knot. i'm also a bunny-ear-knotter.

SuperDave said...

Isn't the shoe tying funny. Who would've ever thunk?