11 January 2009

Head Cold and Progression Run

I have developed a head cold over the weekend. I am glad that I have it now so I can knock it out before I go on vacation next week.

Head colds never hinder my running. In fact, running helps me clear up the sinuses and gets my head together for the day. So I decided to do an easy 3 miles as planned.

I did the first two miles very easy and something went off in my head that I should try to push the pace for the last mile. So I picked it up to sub 10:00 pace and tried to keep it for the entire last mile. I hovered around 9:00-9:30 for a while, but could only hold it for slightly more than half a mile. Point six to be exact. I wanted to stop at half, but decided to get to the corner just ahead.

The effort was a lot for me. I stopped to walk a few minutes before finishing off the rest of the three miles at a normal pace. It kind of scares me that in order to accomplish my goal of a sub 4 hour marathon in November I will need to hold a better pace than that for 26.2 miles. It makes me realize I am going to have to work hard to get it... and I will.

One key to this training is the heart rate monitor. I have had the forerunner 305 since the beginning of December, but never used the HR monitor. I wore it today to experiment with it, and it will be a big help in my training.

I am going to use the Runners World method for finding my true max heart rate, since I think the formula of 220 - age is a little off. That puts my max at 190, and I will use that for now, but I hope to find my true max by the end of the week.

I am doing a lot of research on heart rate training. It is yet another thing that is getting me motivated to run. With the heart rate training it will be easier for me to get in better shape and run better!


SuperDave said...

One way to find max HR requires you to actually get there. Do hill repeats x 10 at a fast pace w/ 30 se3conds break in between and you'll find out what your max hR is
Of course along w/ vomiting! haha

ECrunnergirl said...

I know how you feel....I get spooked when I think about the pace I need to hold for my BQ time. The good news is with consistent tempo work and speed work you get stronger and faster. It does take time and you have a good bit of time to November to accomplish your goal. And with your drive and dedication you will do it!!! Good job on that awesome run despite the head cold :-)

lindsay said...

way to get out and run with the head cold. i know i often feel better after a little run myself.

mel over at "2nd chances" has just started hr training. i'm sure she wouldn't mind sharing her tips and links/articles that she's found. http://m0mmymel.blogspot.com/

you have plenty of time until november to build a base and eventually speed. don't get too caught up in your paces now, it will come!

and thanks for all the well-wishes this past weekend. they sure helped a ton! :)