26 January 2009

Long Run Cheat

I usually do my long runs during the weekend. This past couple of days has been crazy so I decided to get my long run in this morning, but count it for the weekend. So I did not really cheat on my long run, I just cheated on when to include the miles, since I am a stat whore and wanted the six miles to be on last weeks total.

My main goal for this run was to keep a very slow and steady pace. I was aiming for six miles, which I have never done before, but told myself five would be fine.

I also did not want to listen to music on today's run and debated on whether I should listen to a podcast or just forget the ear buds altogether. I opted for a podcast called 4 Feet Running. This is a great podcast. They record on the run and in the studio, so most of the time I felt like they were running right beside me while talking. I definitely recommend it.

I think listening to their conversation helped me keep a slow steady pace and also entertained me while I ran.

As I neared my house I was a little short of six miles, but I was feeling great. I took an extra loop around some of the side streets so that I would hit six and still have enough distance to do a good cool down walk.

I love the feeling after a run, and it feels especially good after a long run. Today feels so much better than yesterday!


joyRuN said...

Sounds like you're in good shape for Broad Street.

Laurel said...

Great job on the 6 miles! What a great accomplishment. I remember the first time I ever ran 6 (really not that long ago, a couple years maybe...) I was soooo happy!

You're going to do great in your training. Keep it up.

Pat said...

congrats on the six miler.

Sonia said...

Awesome!! Congrats on the new milestone! =) Cheating or not you gotta it done!

SuperDave said...

Great 6miler and LOL on the "stat whore."
I usually get my long run in whenever - actually prefer to get it in on Monday. So I have a big # out of the way!