25 January 2009

A Wasted Day

I got back from Florida very late last night. It was a very nice vacation. So relaxing and enjoyable. It actually got pretty cold in Orlando, but still fun. And I managed to get in two runs, one of which was my first time on a treadmill. More about them later.

I slept in today and had intentions to run a long run today. I started the day unpacking and cleaning up, but as the day grew older I found myself doing not much of anything. I am frustrated because the day slipped away from me and I feel like I have accomplished nothing at all. Even though I have one more day off, I am already feeling the stress of daily life creeping back and it is frustrating.

A good long run tomorrow morning will help me feel better. I do not usually run on Monday's, but I am going to cheat a little and use that as the run I missed today. Also tomorrow I will sit down and put in stone a training plan for the Broad Street run. I am excited to get this started and look forward to that run.

I will be posting a few more times tomorrow to tell you all about my running and vacation last week. I do not want to do it all in one post, since that would make it way too long and people would abandon ship as they got closer to boredom.

I also need to catch up on the blogs that I follow... so until tomorrow, I will see you around.


Sonia said...

Eh don't beat yourself up for one extra rest day! Get the run done tomorrow, there is enough stress in life to not stress about getting the runs in!!

Glad you had a great vacay! =)

Pat said...

hope you had a great time in FLA. I don't run much on treadmills either.